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    5 Affordable Ways To Boost Your Immune System

    Learn 5 easy ways to boost your overall wellness, fight viruses, inflammation and more by boosting your immune system! Today I wanted to share with you guys 5 easy ways to boost your immune system. These are simple and affordable habits that you can implement into your life to help your body operate at its best. When our bodies are given the things that they need to thrive, we create an environment within ourselves that prevents viruses, bacteria, free radicals and more from thriving. We have the ability to stop illness at its onset. 1. Protect and Boost Your Gut Health Seeing that 70% of our immune system resides in…

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    How To Make an Immunity Roller

    Learn how to boost your immune system by using this powerhouse anti-viral immunity roller! Last week I shared with you guys how to make my super easy DIY hand sanitizer. Packed with so many benefits it is great to keep on hand all year long. This week I wanted to share with you all, how to make my all time favorite immunity roller. Many times has this roller blend been my saving grace. When I was 6 weeks postpartum with our 4th child, my entire house came down with the worst stomach bug ever. It was awful…and I was the sole caretaker. For a brief moment I wanted to just…

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    Immune Boosting Tea With Lemon & Thieves

    Learn how to boost your immune system and improve your overall wellness by drinking this delicious immune boosting tea made with lemon & thieves. So this week I am sharing a super simple way to boost your immune system and help fight viral infections, and that is by making this easy immune boosting tea with lemon & thieves! This is one of my favorite teas to drink, especially in the afternoons while I’m reading or cooking dinner. It has a nice earthy taste paired along with a light summery citrus flavor, therefore it is great no matter what the weather is outside. INGREDIENTS NEEDED TO MAKE IMMUNITY TEA Chamomile Tea…

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    Easy DIY Hand Sanitizer Using Essential Oils

    Learn how to make this easy diy hand sanitizer at home using common household ingredients and essential oils This month I wanted to focus on some things our family is doing to boost our immune system and be proactive with our health. So today I am sharing with you guys my easy diy hand sanitizer recipe! All of our local stores are completely sold out of things like hand sanitizer and soaps right now as people prepare in fear over the latest viral outbreak. It’s really rather alarming. Unfortunately, store bought hand sanitizers and soaps are filled with harsh toxic chemicals. These harmful ingredients actually effect our immune system in…

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    Fermented Honey Garlic

    I’m sharing a great wellness recipe today to help boost your family’s immune system this fall. Fermented honey garlic! I’m constantly looking for ways to help my family stay healthy, especially during the fall and winter seasons when the flu seems to run rampant. The recipe I’m sharing today is a great one to keep on hand year around, as its benefits are seemingly endless! With Honey Fermented Garlic you can make dressing, marinades, cook with it, add your garlic to any meal or just eat them whole! The Benefits of Fermented Honey Garlic Let’s do a quick run through on the benefits of fermented garlic honey, just so you…

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    Why I started this blog

    Why I started this blog…. There is an abundance of information on the web. Information constantly coming at us from all directions. It seems like people want to make better health choices, and they want to make educated decisions for their family, but it can be overwhelming for someone new to this lifestyle. Maybe you’re curious about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re an experienced veteran. Perhaps you have a new health diagnosis and you’re looking for change. Regardless of what brought you here, I want to help! This journey for me started 6 years ago, and I am still learning new things every day. I keep challenging…


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