Easy Paleo Pie Crust

5 Ingredient Easy Paleo Pie Crust

Just in time for the holidays, today I’m sharing my super easy and delicious 5 ingredient paleo pie crust!

When looking for a pie crust recipe they all seemed to be kind of complicated. Multiple steps or ingredients etc. As I began planning our Thanksgiving menu for this year, the thought of a complicated pie crust recipe sounded daunting. Ha!

With everything else being made from scratch, I didn’t want to add more work by using an over complicated pie crust recipe.

Well one easy chocolate peanut butter pie later, I was able to create this simple little recipe that turned out delicious with a perfect flaky texture.

Simple Ingredients

Some of the best things in life seem to be the most simple. My personality loves to over complicate things. Its annoying.

Luckily as I get older, I’m learning simple really is best.

So grab the following ingredients and scroll down to see just how easy this paleo pie crust is!

Ingredients needed:

  • Almond Flour
  • Egg
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cinnamon
  • Maple Syrup

Making this paleo pie crust is so easy. Just mix your ingredients, and gentle press the dough into a pie crust dish. Working your way in a circular motion, working the dough up the sides.

One of the things I love about this recipe is that it doesn’t stick to the dish and no matter what filling you use, it doesn’t get soggy.

Before adding your filling, you will want to bake the crust ahead of time for approx. 15 minutes at 375.

After you have baked the crust you follow your original pie recipe according to the instructions and bake for time required.

Or you can give my easy paleo chocolate peanut butter pie a try!

I hope using this recipe saves you time in the kitchen this holiday season so you can spend that extra time with loved ones!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Holidays ya’ll!

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5 Ingredient Easy Paleo Pie Crust
Don't stress about homemade pie crust this holiday season. Try this easy paleo pie crust! It's not only delicious, but super easy to make. You'll love the flaky texture texture that pairs well with just about any filling!
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 15 Minutes
Passive Time 5 Minutes
Pie Crust
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 15 Minutes
Passive Time 5 Minutes
Pie Crust
  1. If you are using a filling that requires no baking, go ahead and preheat your oven to 375. Otherwise skip this step.
  2. Combine ingredients in a bowl, mixing until well blended.
  3. Add the dough to a pie crust dish and begin pressing the dough out in a circular motion, working the dough up the sides.
  4. Once you have created your pie crust, poke the bottom with a fork a couple of times to prevent and air pocket from forming while baking.
  5. For no bake fillings, place crust in the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes or until edges become crispy and golden brown. Remove and let cool before adding your filling.
  6. For fillings that require baking, follow the baking instructions provided with your pie recipe

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