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    Crispy Cast Iron French Fries

    Learn how to make these delicious and healthy, Crispy Cast Iron French Fries. Using coconut oil and organic potatoes, these healthy french fries are the perfect side dish for any meal. This recipe very well might be one of my family’s favorite side dishes, and because they are so easy to make it might be one of my favorites too! When making Crispy Cast Iron French Fries, you can really use any kind of potato. If I can find Organic Russet potatoes, I will use those. But mainly I use red potato because I can get them in bulk from Azure Standard. If you have never purchased from Azure Standard…

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    Creamy Sausage Leek Soup

    Learn how to make Creamy Sausage Leek Soup, by using in season vegetables along with fresh ground sausage, this soup is perfect for a cold winter’s day. Pair with your favorite bread or perhaps a fresh green salad for a nourishing and delicious meal this winter. Today I wanted to share with you guys, a new favorite soup around our farm. I have been trying to be more and more intentional about not only cooking seasonally this year, but also trying out some new ingredients in my kitchen. This soup came about on a whim one afternoon, when the only meat I had thawed in the fridge was ground sausage.…

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    Easy And Healthy Potato Soup

    Easy Hearty and healthy potato soup. This soup is perfect for the cool weather seasons. Loaded with heatlhy ingredients you can feel good about feeding it to your family. I am so excited to share this easy and healthy potato soup recipe with ya’ll today! We have had a great fall and winter in Texas this year. The weather has been really cool and we’ve even had some frost! Nothing helps me enjoy the cool winter months quite like a cozy home cooked meal. Also, is it just me, or does anyone else check the weather before they menu plan? It creates a nostalgia and I like it. If its…

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    Chicken Pot Pie

    One of my favorite things about fall, is reaching back into my recipe box for those cozy and comforting recipes we haven’t seen all year. For us, chicken pot pie is one of those meals. There is just something about a hearty warm meal as the air starts to get cool. I love the way the aroma fills my house, and brings me back to being a child. Maybe for you meals such as this one, bring you back to your childhood. Maybe it brings you back to grandma’s kitchen. Whatever the memory may be, nothing says home quite like chicken pot pie in the fall. This simple dairy free,…


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