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    Gluten Free Strawberry Cobbler

    Gluten free strawberry cobbler is the perfect spring dessert or breakfast dish. Made with a sweet warm strawberry filling and a moist biscuit topping. Pair with your favorite ice cream for an irresistable treat. We recently went strawberry picking at a local organic farm nearby and managed to come home with over 13lbs of fresh strawberries. I think my husband is still processing the cost of it all and I tried to remind him it was more about the experience, but I’m not sure if he took the bait on that or not. So I quickly started brain storming what I could bake to help him forget all about his…

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    Dairy Free Chocolate Peppermint Bark

    Dairy free chocolate peppermint bark. Seriously so good. I’m not usually a hard candy kind of person, but these have become one of my new favorites to make around Christmas time. They are chocolatey, with a subtle taste of peppermint and a little hint coconut. Simply delightful. Really. They’re also easy to make. Are you starting to notice a pattern with my recipe’s? With 4 kids, I sure do appreciate an easy recipe! In this recipe I used dairy free chocolate chips, but I do intend to try and make the chocolate bark with cacao powder too, so stay tuned for that. I like using cacao powder as much as…

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    Dairy Free Peanut Butter Cups

    Dairy free peanut butter cups that are healthy. Can there be such a thing? And who doesn’t love peanut butter cups? My goodness, I think they might be one of my favorite treats. As a kid I always looked forward to the Reese’s egg shaped peanut butter cups. They always tasted better to me, ha. Then my mom started making peanut butter balls around Christmas time every year, and they were SO GOOD but SO labor intensive. We all had to chip in to make those. There was rolling time, and chilling time, and dipping time. As a kid that was so fun, but now that I’m a mom it…

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    Easy Paleo Pie Crust

    5 Ingredient Easy Paleo Pie Crust Just in time for the holidays, today I’m sharing my super easy and delicious 5 ingredient paleo pie crust! When looking for a pie crust recipe they all seemed to be kind of complicated. Multiple steps or ingredients etc. As I began planning our Thanksgiving menu for this year, the thought of a complicated pie crust recipe sounded daunting. Ha! With everything else being made from scratch, I didn’t want to add more work by using an over complicated pie crust recipe. Well one easy chocolate peanut butter pie later, I was able to create this simple little recipe that turned out delicious with…

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    Easy Paleo Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner and lots of family to visit, I want to share with you all my Easy Paleo Chocolate Peanut butter Pie! I created this recipe while testing out my Easy Paleo Pie Crust! This recipe is so delicious and easy to make and even better then that…it’s healthy. Oh yes. I said it. If you are planning on attending Thanksgiving dinner with family or your office plans a dinner party every for the holidays, this recipe is perfect to whip up in minutes and have ready to go. You’ve just got to love no bake pies for that reason! My family absolutely LOVED this pie…


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