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    Creamy Sausage Leek Soup

    Learn how to make Creamy Sausage Leek Soup, by using in season vegetables along with fresh ground sausage, this soup is perfect for a cold winter’s day. Pair with your favorite bread or perhaps a fresh green salad for a nourishing and delicious meal this winter. Today I wanted to share with you guys, a new favorite soup around our farm. I have been trying to be more and more intentional about not only cooking seasonally this year, but also trying out some new ingredients in my kitchen. This soup came about on a whim one afternoon, when the only meat I had thawed in the fridge was ground sausage.…

  • Recipes

    Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

    Create the taste of fall in your kitchen with my roasted, dairy free creamy pumpkin soup. Embracing the essence of the season, this recipe uses roasted garlic and pumpkin, along with a hint of coconut creating the perfect soup for a cool autumn day. We got our first taste of fall here in Texas, and it feels great! Don’t get me wrong I love summertime, but there is just something so exhilarating about fall. It’s as if mother nature declares it herself, that the time has come to slow down, rest and restore. As the days become shorter it creates an eagerness in our hearts to savor all that the…


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