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    Gluten Free Strawberry Cobbler

    Gluten free strawberry cobbler is the perfect spring dessert or breakfast dish. Made with a sweet warm strawberry filling and a moist biscuit topping. Pair with your favorite ice cream for an irresistable treat. We recently went strawberry picking at a local organic farm nearby and managed to come home with over 13lbs of fresh strawberries. I think my husband is still processing the cost of it all and I tried to remind him it was more about the experience, but I’m not sure if he took the bait on that or not. So I quickly started brain storming what I could bake to help him forget all about his…

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    Chicken Pot Pie

    One of my favorite things about fall, is reaching back into my recipe box for those cozy and comforting recipes we haven’t seen all year. For us, chicken pot pie is one of those meals. There is just something about a hearty warm meal as the air starts to get cool. I love the way the aroma fills my house, and brings me back to being a child. Maybe for you meals such as this one, bring you back to your childhood. Maybe it brings you back to grandma’s kitchen. Whatever the memory may be, nothing says home quite like chicken pot pie in the fall. This simple dairy free,…


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