5 Affordable Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Learn 5 easy ways to boost your overall wellness, fight viruses, inflammation and more by boosting your immune system!

Today I wanted to share with you guys 5 easy ways to boost your immune system. These are simple and affordable habits that you can implement into your life to help your body operate at its best.

When our bodies are given the things that they need to thrive, we create an environment within ourselves that prevents viruses, bacteria, free radicals and more from thriving. We have the ability to stop illness at its onset.

1. Protect and Boost Your Gut Health

Seeing that 70% of our immune system resides in the lining of our stomach, I’m sure you can see why it is vital to nurture this part of the body.

Things like processed food, stress, hormone imbalance, modern gluten, and toxic chemicals all contribute to the state of our gut health. When an imbalance of proper bacteria in the gut happens, or when our lining becomes damaged our immune system become compromised.

Once of the easiest ways to fight against this is by implementing bone broth into your diet. Bone broth has the ability to actually seal and repair the lining of our intestines, providing fast healing to our bodies.

It helps fight inflammation and free radicals and give our immune systems a good healthy jump start. I try to incorporate bone broth as much as possible in our meals. At least once a week.

To make your own bone broth, simply place the bones of a whole chicken, bones from pork ribs, roasts, steaks, etc. into an instant pot, add water and cook for approximately 90 minutes. You can also add celery, onion, and garlic for added flavor and benefits.

Instead of buying broth from the store, keep some bone broth on hand for soups or even sipping straight from the mug!

For some meal ideas using bone broth, check out some of our family favorites!

2. Incorporate Essential Oils

There are sooooo many benefits to essential oils that they really deserve their own post, but for now we will focus on the key factors to using them.

Many oils such as, thieves, lemon, frankincense, oregano, tea tree, cinnamon, peppermint and more contain strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. This means that they show up on the scene and help your body fight. They boost our immune systems, reduce inflammation and have even been shown to fight cancer.

There are so many ways you can incorporate oils into your daily lives, such as:

  • Applying Topically
  • Diffusing Into The Air
  • Inhaling
  • Ingesting

However you absolutely want to make sure that you are using a trusted band when it comes to essential oils. So many companies out there use synthetic fragrance as a “filler”. As in, a way to save money. These oils are filled with toxic chemicals and are not safe to use in any way I suggest above.

We have been apart of Young Living now for almost 4yrs and we LOVE them. Young Living has strict Seed to Seal standards that really set this company apart and creates a quality commitment that I can trust and promote.

If you don’t yet have a company that you love, and would like to give Young Living a try you can order a starter kit here. This kit gets you 12 of Young Living’s most popular oils, plus tons of other goodies like Young Living’s immune boosting NingXia Red and also some of their most popular Thieves products!

When you grab a starter kit using the link I provided above, I will also send you a great welcome package packed with lots of resources and free items to get you start on your new oil journey.

If you already have an essential oil company that you love, then here are some tips to putting those oils to good use!

3. Weekly Detox Bath

This is one of my favorite immune supporting habits. Detox baths are so beneficial for removing toxins and impurities in the body.

Did you know the average person is exposed to nearly 25,000 toxins a day? These are toxins that bog down our immune systems and disrupt our hormones. Eliminating as many toxins as we can from our home and personal care products is so important.

Detox baths are a great way to lighten the toxic burden our bodies carry. They are beneficial at preventing illness, but they are also wonderful to implement when your body is run down with a virus. Plus a detox bath is also a great way to reduce aches and pains when sick, and can even help reduce a fever naturally.

All you’ll need is some Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil. I usually grab lavender because it helps me sleep, but thieves, peppermint, lemon, orange or tea tree are all great options too! Really you can’t go wrong with what you choose. You can even add something like Valor, Stress Away or Peace & Calming for emotional support and anxiety reduction.

Simply add approximately 1/4 cup of Epsom salt to warm running water and 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Now if you are not a bath person, you can still detox using Epsom salt and oils! Just add enough water to the tub, and allow your feet to soak.

4. Less Sugar and More Veggies

You just know I had to go there. Sorry ya’ll, but this one is important!

Inflammation is the driving force behind so many illness in the world. When we have inflammation in our bodies, we begin to see all sorts of health problems pop up. These are all symptoms of an underlying root cause, which can almost always be traced back to an inflammation issue.

If we want to optimize our immune systems and improve our overall health, than we have to be aware of the things we put in our bodies.

When we reduce our sugar intake (which weakens our immune system) and increase our vegetable intake, we are providing our bodies with so many vitamins and minerals that help our immune system function properly. The same can be said for incorporating good quality organic pastured raised meat into our diets, as well as fresh herbs which are phenomenal for our overall health.

5. Support With Supplements

Supplements are great for supporting our immune system and boosting our overall wellness. There are so many options when it comes to supplements it can be overwhelming, so I wanted to share a few affordable supplements you can incorporate into your daily regime to help your body operate at its best.

*Please keep in mind these are just suggestions. Please approve all supplements with your doctor first.

Supplements beneficial for supporting proper immune function:

Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin c is fat soluble so it has the ability to cross through the intestinal lining and enter directly into the blood stream. It has a much higher absorption rate compared to ascorbic acid vitamin C and therefor can reach virtually all of the cells within our body. Going to work wherever it is needed to fight viruses, inflammation, free radicals and more.

This is the brand of Liposomal Vitamin C that I recommend. It is for a 90 day supply.

Vitamin D

You can certainly purchase a capsulated formula of vitamin D. A vitamin that most Americans are deficient in. However I would like to suggest aiming to get proper vitamin D from foods such as; pastured eggs and meat. Fish, such as salmon, swordfish or halibut. Other foods high in vitamin D are many fruits and vegetables such as; peppers, mushrooms, carrots, mango, peaches and avocados.

Also, try and take the time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. This is so good for our overall health and also emotional support.

This is the Vitamin D recommend. I usually supplement with this through the winter. It is a 360 day supply.


This is an essential mineral needed in our bodies and unfortunately it is a mineral that many people are deficient in.

Zinc plays a crucial role in balancing our hormones, increasing fertility, boosting our immune system, improving heart health, and even fighting against cancer.

It is a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals, aids in nutrient absorption and is effective at fighting many common viruses.

This is the Zinc supplement I recommend. It is for a 125 day supply.

So as you can see, the supplements I recommend are not only beneficial but they will last you a long time also. So these are great options for those on a budget.


Some other easy ways to support your immune system and improve your overall wellness are

  • Exercising
  • Reducing rtress
  • Getting rest
  • Implementing “no screen times”
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Drink lemon water
  • Removing toxic products from your home


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