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    Gluten Free Strawberry Cobbler

    Gluten free strawberry cobbler is the perfect spring dessert or breakfast dish. Made with a sweet warm strawberry filling and a moist biscuit topping. Pair with your favorite ice cream for an irresistable treat. We recently went strawberry picking at a local organic farm nearby and managed to come home with over 13lbs of fresh strawberries. I think my husband is still processing the cost of it all and I tried to remind him it was more about the experience, but I’m not sure if he took the bait on that or not. So I quickly started brain storming what I could bake to help him forget all about his…

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    Dairy Free Creamy Chicken Soup

    Delicious and hearty dairy free creamy chicken soup is a healthy veggie packed soup, filled with all the right ingredients to make this soup a new family favorite in your home. Follow my tips bellow to make this easy any time meal. We have had a cold, wet and rainy week here in Texas which has forced the kids and I to be stuck indoors…yuk. Well, one of my favorite things to do when I literally have nothing else to do is cook, bake or ferment something in the kitchen. It just helps pass the time while still feeling productive. So after finishing up our left over chicken pot pie…

  • Natural Living

    Chicken Coop Spray Using Essential Oils

    Since spring is almost here, today I wanted to share with you guys a really great remedy that I have for taking care of those pesky knats and flies that love to hang around the chicken coop and that’s my non toxic Chicken Coop Spray! This recipe uses some common essential oils and a few household items that most people already have on hand. It’s simple and easy to make, and perfect to have on hand while you’re out collecting eggs or feeding. Chicken Coop Spray So first gather together your items. You will need: 16oz spray bottle (we love these) Distilled White Vinegar Lemongrass Essential Oil Lemon Essential Oil…


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