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    Dairy Free Chocolate Peppermint Bark

    Dairy free chocolate peppermint bark. Seriously so good. I’m not usually a hard candy kind of person, but these have become one of my new favorites to make around Christmas time. They are chocolatey, with a subtle taste of peppermint and a little hint coconut. Simply delightful. Really. They’re also easy to make. Are you starting to notice a pattern with my recipe’s? With 4 kids, I sure do appreciate an easy recipe! In this recipe I used dairy free chocolate chips, but I do intend to try and make the chocolate bark with cacao powder too, so stay tuned for that. I like using cacao powder as much as…

  • Health

    Fermented Honey Garlic

    I’m sharing a great wellness recipe today to help boost your family’s immune system this fall. Fermented honey garlic! I’m constantly looking for ways to help my family stay healthy, especially during the fall and winter seasons when the flu seems to run rampant. The recipe I’m sharing today is a great one to keep on hand year around, as its benefits are seemingly endless! With Honey Fermented Garlic you can make dressing, marinades, cook with it, add your garlic to any meal or just eat them whole! The Benefits of Fermented Honey Garlic Let’s do a quick run through on the benefits of fermented garlic honey, just so you…

  • Recipes

    Healthy Dairy Free White Chicken Chili

    Today I am sharing one of my kids favorite meals. Healthy dairy free white chicken chili. This super simple recipe, is one that stays on rotation in our house, especially during the cool seasons. My healthy dairy free white chicken chili recipe is loaded with lots of health benefits. Made from dried beans with homemade bone broth, fresh cut peppers, coconut milk and pastured chicken, this meal is perfect for boosting the immune system and healing the gut. I like to make this in big batches and freeze it, or have it made on Fridays for us to eat on all weekend. Its simple to make, and oh so delicious!…


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